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Festivals in Tamilnadu

Festivals in Tamilnadu; Tamil Nadu Festivals; Pongal Festival; Chithirai Festival; Avanimoolam Festival and many more information.

Significance of water on Aadiperukku festival in Tamilnadu

Significance of Aadiperukku festival is known to the people. In tamilnadu we celebrate the Pongal festival by offering our salutations to the Sun god and in the same way in this Aadi perukku festival we give the importance and salutation to the Varuna bagavan who is the God of water.

How is Aadiperukku celebrated in Tamilnadu

Aadiperukku festival celebration is very popular in Tamilnadu where the festival celebration is done in the river banks and people sometimes do it in home also if they cannot go to the river banks.

Aadiperukku festival in Tamilnadu

Aadiperukku festival in Tamilnadu is one of the important and famous festival in Tamilnadu that falls in the month of Aadi and any good thing started in this particular month will be of great success.

How Thaipusam Festival is celebrated in Tamil Nadu

This article gives information about Tamil's festival Thaipusam.It is the festival exclusively celebrated by Tamil people all over in India. In this article you will find details about the at which places Thaipusam Festival in celebrated? What are the temples for Thaipusam in Tamilnadu?
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