Tamil Rasi Palangal 2014 Panchangam Jothidam Predictions for New Year

This is the details about Tamil rasi palangal 2014 horoscope predictions for Tamil New Year. Tamil Jothidam is predicted by based the information written in Tamil Panchangam. You can find the 2014 rasi palan for all the twelve rasikal starting from Mesha rasi to Meena rasi palan 2014 for all the matham month.

Mesha rasi palan 2014 in Tamil Astrology

This sign is based upon fire element. The planet Mars is the lord of this rasi. The year 2014 will be satisfactory for these people. Financial status will be stable throughout the year. You will get high respect in society. Family support will encourage you in every field. Business tours to abroad are predicted. Be alert about your health. Some eye problems can occur. Investments in new ventures will be fruitful.
Overall the year will give you success in all ways.

Rishaba rasi palan 2014 in Tamil Astrology

Taurus rasi is based upon Earth element and the planet Venus controls this rasi. The year 2014 will gift you new opportunities for Taurus people. Family life will be satisfactory but some job problems may disturb you. Do not take the risk of investment as the chances of losses are high. After June, you will taste the fruit of success. You will gain both wealth and success. Elder's advise will be beneficial. This year is very good for people who are connected with politics. Take care of health, digestion problems are predicted.
Overall the second half of the year is very good. Till then be patient!

Mithuna rasi palan 2014 in Tamil Astrology

Mercury is the lord of Gemini rasi. The year is favourable for you. New responsibilities will be little stressful bur you will be rewarded well for them. Trading will be beneficial this year. Expenses are likely to go higher. New contacts will prove beneficial. Unmarried people can expect marriage in the second half of the year.
Overall the year is favourable for you!

Kataka rasi palan 2014 in Tamil Panchangam

Cancer rasi the year2014 will be stressful for the people under this water element based rashi. You will have to tackle many tasks, which may leave you stressed. Your social status will be high but money problems may bother you. Patience is required in some matters. Family members will be supportive. Avoid long journeys. Unemployed people may get good job opportunity.
Overall the year will be bring tensions, be with family!

Simha rasi palan 2014 in Tamil Panchangam

Leo the year is very good for the youngsters under this rasi. Chances of high education are predicted. Financial side will be stable. Promotion in job is expected but colleagues may put you in trouble. Benefits from land and property are expected. Be alert about health, small accidents are predicted.
Overall you can enjoy the year with some precautions!

Kanni rasi palan 2014 in Tamil Horoscope

Mercury is the lord of Virgo rashi. The year will lead you towards the top of success. This year 2014 will prove the best financial year for the people of this rashi. Be alert in your personal life. Someone nearer can cheat you. Chances of hospitalization or operation are high. You will get a job satisfaction and the seniors will be happy with you. Enjoy business trips.
Overall the year is very good for you but take care of your health!

Thula rasi palan 2014 in Tamil Horoscope

Libra rasi is controlled by Venus. This year 2014 will show mixed results for Liberian people. Pay proper attention towards your health. Compromises in job are necessary. Old problems may trouble you again. Money flow will be moderate but be alert about the budget. June will bring a breeze of relief. Some good news will cheer you up. Your sweet nature will help you to overcome some problems.
Overall the year will show you both good and bad effects.

Viruchigam rasi palan 2014 in Tamil Astrology

Scorpio the planet Mars rules this Water element based rasi. Because of the Saturn transit, this rasi people will face many troubles this year. Job or business will be stressful and you will be overloaded with work pressure. Control your rage, as it may bring you in trouble. Chances of finding a life partner are high. Family life will be cheerful. You may face some monetary problem in the second half but sudden financial gain is predicted.
Overall the year will be stressful for you!

Thanusu rasi Palan 2014 in Tamil Astrology

Sagittarius, Jupiter is the lord of this rasi. First half of the year2014 is not much beneficial for you but second half of the year will bring new hopes for you. You can plan a new business or career after June. Property inheritance is predicted in the second half. Investments will be beneficial. Good news are expected. Money flow will be satisfactory. Take care of your eyes.
Overall this year is cheering for you after June.

Makara rasi palan 2014 in Tamil Astrology

Capricorn, Saturn rules this rasi. The transit of Saturn will leave positive effects on this rasi. You will enjoy success and high prominence in the society. You will be handed over with new responsibilities and you will be highly praised for your success. Income for old investments is predicted. Students should take extra efforts in their studies to get success. Family tours are expected. Wife/husband will support you in all matters.

Overall enjoy the success throughout the year!

Kumba rasi palan 2014 in Tamil Jothidam

Aquarius, Saturn rules this rashi. This year2014 will give you many new opportunities. Sudden gains are predicted. Business and leisure tours will be encouraging you. Professional life will be great and all previous money problems will be solved. People who are in Art field will be honoured. Family life may get disturbed so give sufficient time for family.
Overall this year will provide you new opportunities!

Meena rasi palan 2014 in Tamil Jothidam

Pisces, the lord of this rasi is Jupiter. The year will not show you much favourable result. Take care of your health. Expenditure will be more than income. After July money problems will be solved. You can do new investment but do not trust new contacts. Friends will be supportive.


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