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In addition to the revenue offered through the Google AdSense revenue sharing program, we also offer several Cash and Gift awards to
members who post and share valuable content with us on

Cash awards will be accumulated in your profile and will be paid to you in the form of demand draft or bank transfer when it reaches the minimum pay out amount.

If your earnings are less Rs 50, it may not appear here.

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Member NameNumber of GiftsCash CreditsPaymentsBalance
Kranthi Kiran33Rs 18164.08Rs 18200Rs -35.92
E. Mangala28Rs 10244.23Rs 10200Rs 44.23
kavitha gopal24Rs 9037.27Rs 9600Rs -562.73
S.Sowmya23Rs 8480Rs 8400Rs 80
venkata Kumar22Rs 6617.12Rs 6200Rs 417.12
Balasubramanian Srinivasan21Rs 5893Rs 5600Rs 293
Suresh Kumar R18Rs 5579.21Rs 6000Rs -420.79
Naina Khan15Rs 3777.98Rs 3150Rs 627.98
S.Manoharan15Rs 5776.92Rs 5800Rs -23.08
VATHSALA14Rs 5702Rs 5600Rs 102
Kumaraditya Sarkar14Rs 3973Rs 4200Rs -227
Bhisma Narayan Rout12Rs 4646Rs 4600Rs 46
Rajesh11Rs 4205.35Rs 4000Rs 205.35
sudhan11Rs 3388.38Rs 2600Rs 788.38
Jerold merjilla11Rs 2768.37Rs 2700Rs 68.37
siyaram10Rs 2789.72Rs 2600Rs 189.72
Gowthami10Rs 4501Rs 4100Rs 401
Ravi10Rs 6893Rs 6600Rs 293
T.Krishnamoorthy10Rs 2706.34Rs 2300Rs 406.34
BABU10Rs 5509Rs 4800Rs 709
Arul Frances9Rs 1700.13Rs 1300Rs 400.13
Kiran Kumar9Rs 3375Rs 2500Rs 875
Surya Selvaraj9Rs 2054Rs 1700Rs 354
Rajaram8Rs 2196Rs 1900Rs 296
Kirtika Sharma8Rs 1471.3Rs 1200Rs 271.3
sujatha8Rs 1001Rs 1000Rs 1
Shankar Ganesh7Rs 1920Rs 1900Rs 20
Kaveri Jha6Rs 1742Rs 1600Rs 142
karthik kumaran5Rs 338Rs 0Rs 338
Balaji5Rs 313Rs 0Rs 313
Narender Sharma5Rs 355.1Rs 0Rs 355.1
Balanathan5Rs 1321Rs 1200Rs 121
s.sudhakar5Rs 2094Rs 1600Rs 494
K MOHAN5Rs 569Rs 0Rs 569
Chandra Shekar R4Rs 98Rs 0Rs 98
Satish Kr.4Rs 435Rs 0Rs 435
Latha Jayaprakash4Rs 736Rs 832Rs -96
Varun4Rs 462Rs 0Rs 462
vasudevan4Rs 434Rs 0Rs 434
Vimal3Rs 1906Rs 1900Rs 6
S.Maiyappan3Rs 39Rs 0Rs 39
Krishna Verma3Rs 600Rs 0Rs 600
Amudha3Rs 97Rs 0Rs 97
Prasad C M3Rs 534Rs 0Rs 534
Ramalakshmi3Rs 686Rs 0Rs 686
Shafee Ahmed Ko3Rs 288.73Rs 0Rs 288.73
shrimathy3Rs 795Rs 0Rs 795
Srinivasan3Rs 540Rs 0Rs 540
Sangram Nandkhile3Rs 56Rs 0Rs 56
T Syed Rizwan3Rs 389Rs 0Rs 389

Total Cash Credits: Rs 149,197.23

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